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Beichen electric power concern: domestic laser cannon: within 2 km, 500 meters below the small aircraft tartutic

2016/5/31 9:14:41

By the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics and the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other units of research and development of the "low altitude guard" system to complete the system debugging and demonstration test. In the real scene demonstration, "low altitude" Guardian successfully shot down fixed wing, small multi rotor, helicopters and other aircraft more than 30 sorties, shot down rate of 100%.

This indicates that our country has a low altitude, slow, small aircraft target low security equipment.

2, the reporter learned from the China Academy of Engineering interview that the low altitude guards is a low, slow, small target the effective means of causing trouble. The system transmit power nearly million kilowatts, low effective protection area of 12 square kilometers, in 5 seconds precise intercept radius of 2 km and 360 degree spatial fixed wing and other aircraft, with the characteristics of fast, accurate, silent, no collateral damage.

Low altitude defender R & D person in charge, said Yi Jinsong, this security equipment mainly for the flight altitude of 500 meters or less, the flight speed of 50 meters per second in the following small aircraft. Low altitude guard system can be deployed on the ground or in vehicle deployment, flexible, stable and reliable. The future can be widely used in urban areas of major activities in the area of low altitude security.

It is reported, China Academy of Engineering Physics and its affiliated companies is working on research and development of high power compact laser interceptor system, will be launched as soon as possible distance farther, suitable for different security scenarios modular practical equipment, and formed a series of products, to meet the needs of the major activities of the security.

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