Jiangsu Beichen Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Nanjing, the capital of the Six Dynasties, with a registered capital of 3099 million yuan, is the experience of nearly 20 years of production and sales of low voltage circuit breaker device and digital display meter electrical products science and technology enterprises. Company specializing in the manufacturing of integrated intelligent circuit breaker, intelligent moulded case circuit breaker, intelligent air circuit breaker and power system all kinds of intelligent digital display electrical measuring instruments and various industrial process parameters measurement and control instrumentation products, has developed more than a dozen products series, the products at the same time the CCC certification.

   Companies rely on technological innovation and constantly introduce products and always pay attention to product quality and the prestige, quality first, service first, under the guidance of the leading technology of the enterprise purpose, and constantly strive for excellence, long-term focus in measurement and control instruments indicate the cause, to provide users with satisfactory service and excellent products, won the user's trust.

Our goal is "Texas, Chang Ao future".

   We have sufficient capacity to tailor various special specifications, functional circuit breakers and digital instrument products.

   The company provides various ways of OEM services, welcome domestic and foreign businessmen came to discuss cooperation, a total of prosperity and development.

   Beichen Jiangsu Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. from the start to the present has been more than 20 years, is a business 20 years, 20 years of wind and rain, harvest 20 years. From the early start to the implementation of the group management, we passed a section with blood and sweat paved the road of struggle. We thank the community for the company's strong support and selfless love, thanks to the hard work in various positions of dedicated employees.

   Only if a person is confident and hard to make their achievements, an enterprise is the case. The vast sea, thousands of boat racing. Confidence in this competition and development in the same, the opportunities and challenges of the environment in which the confidence is more adequate, and strive to learn to keep our feet on the ground and relentless pursuit. Enterprises have these two points, the root of the development of the firm. It makes every one of the enterprises in the life and work shines with humanity, wisdom in the twinkling of an eye, so that our partners and we are more confident to meet the future. This is our wealth, but also our value, but also we provide customers with every quality service power and faith. Companies are trying to create a fair competition and except to cite career platform, let the ability and political integrity of the people to realize their life value. At the same time, and actively take more social responsibility, through its business performance improvement, for the society create greater economic benefits, transport more outstanding.