Enterprise purpose: Beichen electrical carrying on sustainable economic development, improve the mission and responsibility of quality of life and the improvement of the ecological environment, in the operation and management of enterprises to follow to enterprise development, customer value, employee development, social prosperity and environmental friendly to stakeholders in the value orientation of the benign interaction and in co create share the innovation of green energy technology to bring the infinite value and success.

   Enterprise vision: Beichen electrical long-term commitment to to the development of energy-saving and efficient, environmentally clean all energy and power equipment industry as the core target, which conform to the human society of green energy eager and sustained demand and expectation, but also reflects the changes and development of enterprises value driven and action oriented.

   Enterprise core values: to power to serve the country, for the benefit of mankind to pursue the social value; to first-class in China, world class to enhance corporate value; to professional success, career success to achieve employee value.

   Spirit of enterprise: realistic, is to be honest, practical work; innovation is to pursuit of excellence, the courage to explore; and that to unity and harmony, to redouble their efforts; Tuqiang is ambitious, determined to forge ahead.

Our philosophy

"We attentively, you at ease" is what we should follow the core idea
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